August 4th, 2009

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About in Stockholm

It is stormy. Confluence. Convergence. This whole house buying thing? A little frightening. Not quite like last time we were looking, where the details were awfully fluid and hard to quantify. No. This time, everything is aligning quite nicely and we have all the right answers for the questions, even the weird ones, presented by various parties with whom we are working. We impressed mortgage officer #1 last night with our preparedness and understanding of the intricacies of mortgages, interest rates, points systems, escrow and what not. We frightened our buyer agent with our organization, coordination and house-finding skills.

The meet with mortgage officer #1 went well last night, needless to say. We learned our credit scores - well above 700 even in composite (we knew our credit was excellent but not the actual numbers) - and that, even were we to pursue a 15year term, we'd have quite the enviable debt-to-income ratio. He describe us as "golden," which I interpret as him saying "you sure you don't want more money?" No, sir; we know precisely how much house we can afford AND maintain our lifestyle.

Depending on how our buyer agents sets viewings (for the 18 houses in our queue) we could put an offer in as early as next week.
That? That is especially unnerving.

Perfect storm, yo.
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