July 31st, 2009

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A little sleepy today. Went to bed dehydrated which is never, ever, ever, ever good for me.

Smoke Break
Smoke Break

I shot this one from the hip because her pink Crocs caught my eye as I passed her. I rather like the triangle of light and that she is the end point (or start point depending on your perspective) of it which is smack-dab in one of the photo's power points. A nifty turn of luck while Fox and I here wandering Södermalm's alleys trying to figure out exactly where we were.

I rather like being lost in foreign cities. I wonder if that will hold true for France where the populace doesn't speak English. :)

Regarding Crocs: I woe my pair for the first time since getting my FiveFingers shoes a month ago. I felt so unstable that I may or may not have wobbled a little and nearly fell over trying to navigate some stairs.

But you can't prove it!! Nyaa!

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