June 4th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Coffee and a Flower

I get flowers with my coffee. :)

I'm watching Fox News this morning. This.... This was not a good idea.
Rush Limbaugh was on Hannity last night so they keep talking about
that. Then they bitch that Obama wasn't all High and Mighty with his
speech this morning.

"why is he talking about American Muslim prosperity?"

"Talk about Muslim women oppression and right suppression."

Right. That's diplomatic.
Cthulhu Joyce

Quick list

    Things keeping me happy right now:
  1. Knowing I'm wearing slim jeans.
  2. Seeing Fox and the cats tomorrow night.
  3. Impending maybepicnic with STP on Monday.
  4. The lack of humidity and clear skies here.
  5. two more roles of flim.
  6. Not being on shift after a rather busy day.
  7. Not having to WORK from the hotel tonight.
  8. Edit: This site full of WEIRD dildos.

I'm going to go out. Turn left. Get in the car. And walk. And drive We'll see what happens.

Edit: Went downtown. Walked. Heard as concert. Took random touristy photos with the redscale film.

Now I'm packing. God, I'm glad to be coming home tomorrow. Huh. I know the flight lands at 8:30... should probably figure out hen it leaves.