May 2nd, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Woo Saturday!

Beet Carnage
Beet Carnage

Oh weekends in Spring, you are wonderful.

Gym. Groceries. Breakfast. Baking.

I'm making a flourless beet cake. It is for dinner with slavetopurple and tandu tonight and also a great excuse to play with agave nectar. It tastes.. weird. It's a low glycemic index sweetener so isn't as sweet as sugar. I wonder what cookies with it would be like.

I like having a quiet morning to myself. :)
Tomorrow I'll have like the whole day to myself.

Can't take the sky from me.

Skies from before

Skies From Before
It really is a lovely day today. I played in the dirt for a while.

I seem to have a jyhad against blue in my photos or something.
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cat - Dude.. beer me

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I'm drunk again. I think my friends are doing it on purpose!

    Either they are:
  1. trying to steal my precious fluids or
  2. intending to take advantage of me!

You decide!!

I also may be thinking dirty things about some too and sneaking it here. Posted via