April 21st, 2009

I died so many years ago.


I'll tell you about something I hate.
CLOWNS. Man, clowns.

Snow clowns.
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Cthulhu Joyce

Things I Hate: Day 3

Things I Hate: Day 3
I Hate Robots for photo_xp

Ugh. This afternoon was a weirdly amount of suck. The weather changes are screwing with my immune system. I have a cough... maybe a cold. I did get a neat shot of some art before storming out of a meeting. People keep talking FOR NO REASON.

Workqueue is burgeoning with a deadline next week.

Starting another application certufucation tomorrow. Only... 5 more applications before I'm certified in our whole enterprise.

Hot dinner date with lady_fox at Liliana's was nice though. They let us split the tasting menu. 3 courses two ways is cheaper and just as filling.

Right now? I feel like freied butt. Early bed I think.

Tomorrow? Work like a fiend remotely in class. Date with a sexy little number in the evening.
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