April 7th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Leleth and Megwyn

Photo: Had a birthday brunch this weekend for obafugakum. With people. Pictured are leleth_faery and megwyn. Something about the color of the light, wall, Leleth's makeup and skin tone made editing this hard. Everything made her look half-dead or stark white.

Feeling fat and lazy lately. Collapse )

I have, promisingly, been keeping my calories between 1400 and 1800 a day - I burn roughly 2600 a day according to numerous calculations - so I'm ostensibly losing about 2 pounds a week. This doesn't seem to hold true based on infrequent weigh-ins but I am weight training in top of cardio. Hopefully it's some competing functions of building muscle and burning fat that accounts for that.

Or the cookies. It's probably the cookies. :)

Green tea transition is going well so far. I was more alert and functional yesterday until about 2pm. Crashed hard and couldn't perk up. I need to make more trail mix to have for snacking. I can only take so many of the carb-control Myoplex protein bars in a day.

Ordered a birth certificate today so I can get my passport. It was EXPENSIVE.

Also! The wedding album arrives today! I am so excited to see it! I will post about it after I deliver them to the couple tomorrow. I think I can post the book layout directly to a website from Aperture. I'm not sure if it displays the layout I did or just the photos. I hope the former as I was very intentional with my layout choices.

iPhone niftiness!
Locavore - iPhone application that tracks seasonal foods and farmers markets local to you.