March 18th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

To Chicago

To Chicago
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Chicago: Pay attention now. I am going to be in you most of next week. In fact, I will be working regular hours at the RUSH hospital and will have evening free to wander the city. Who of you many Chicagoans will be free to meet up for dinners and/or photo walking?

I will be down there Sunday evening through Thursday afternoon.
Sup, yo?

I had HORRIBLE stress dreams last night, a blend of relationship and work stress which had me tossing and turning all night. yet, I feel better rested today. This may be due to actually having breakfast. I had a scone. Yum.

Last night? Liliana's had a mediocre Irish menu. We had corned beef potato cakes. I had whiskey. Fox had a Pat O'Brien hurricane which doesn't look remotely Irish. We then had creole dinner because their Irish tasting menu looked lame. Best jambalaya ever.

iPhone 3.0 looks spiffy. My brain tells me I should buy a 3G phone now with the extended bluetooth and GPS features. this is dumb. I should wait until the next handset update which, rumor has it, will be HD ready and thinner. Also features I don't need. I'm a gadget whore.

Today? Today I have been talking to nightlikeariver about giant presidential dongs.

Her dreams. Not mine.

I'm feeling Ok today, outside of residual psychic goo from dreams last night

Lastly - toasteraviator: happy birthday but you won't see this because you are never on LJ!