March 11th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Haven't seen this character before.

This character is interesting.
13. The next step in your growth is commitment to community. It will develop in you a strong moral fiber. You could make a coat from it.

I'm not sure if that last part is from the text or my Mother embellishing. :) Regardless, it is certainly a very important thing to me now as my relationships are stressed right now. I am, ultimately, quite positive in all of it; though I've been having lots of anxiety, naturally, but it isn't overcoming my positivity.

Otherwise, the following PSA was brought to you by my humanity.
LiveJournal: I am not perfect. This is continuing to be a problem for me and others.

Please send your solutions, tinctures, and awesome math equations to create the Ubermench to:
Madison, Wi. 53719