March 3rd, 2009

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Playing With Dolls

Photo: Well, what would you do with anatomical elephants and humans? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Yesterday was pretty good. Fox and I tried Porta Bella off State last night. My small (GIANT) pizza was acceptable, as is the way of mediocre pizza, and Fox was satisfied with her scallops and shrimp dish. It was entirely unremarkable.

And I know waht you're saying: "ABM, aren't you tryig to reduce calories and don't you have a weakness for pizza?" Why yes, I am and do! Indeed, I even had 4 ounces of beer last night two! I consumed a scant slice and a half of the 12 inch pizza. I was full on that and the beer. it was glorious. And by glorious I really mean "astounding and infuriating." Because I wanted so much to eat the hell out of that pizza.

I suspect my success stems from eating 4 times prior in smaller quantity and eating slowly.

Yes, this is the same thing that every diet expert and book tells you to do.

It's because it works.

    Other things!
  1. I am excited for this weekend's wedding shoot.
  2. I am making falafel tonight and that is AWESOME.
  3. It will include naan.
  4. I am ignoring some larger projects to get some smaller things out of the way.
  5. I'm no longer using artificial sweeteners in my coffee. I can handle the extra sugar calories to avoid a few more chemicals.
  6. This is likely another step towards drinking only tea at work again.
  7. I'm thinking about sex right now.

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