February 27th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Kiss Him like This!

Photo: narcissuskisses and kiwikat spent most of the post-gift-opening night playing with the art mannequins. Of course all poses were lewd because we're all 12 years old. BUT! She is obviously very dedicate to it. Look at that concentration.

OW. My head hurts. Too much exercise, not enough water. Well. More likely Too Little exercise and Too Little water.

Last night was another good food night. I made apple potato pancakes with pork chops and a "sawmill" gravy - which was "sawmill" because I used Parmesan cheese instead of pepper. The components on their own were acceptable but together they sang. The gravy reinforced the apple flavor without hiding the sweetness of the Yukon Gold potatoes. The pork was buttery and highlighted the cilantro and mirin in the cakes.

All together a very successful dinner. I need to practice my plating, though, as it was beige on beige on beige. Maybe if I'd reserved some apple slices and cilantro to garnish.

I want every day to be Friday. Then I don't watch the clock when I'm out, contemplating how tired I may be the next day if I stay.

People: I have no plans tonight and am dejected!! Who would like to chizill?

I am wearing a silly T-shirt and I feel really uncomfortable.

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