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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
Photo: I love the lines on the potter's wheel. As you add water to the clay they slowly inch away from the wet area and then fling off quickly when crossing into dry wheel space. It makes for this really neat organic architechture. In retrospect, I should have gotten pictures of that alone but I was distracted by the light and the hands.

I'm proud to say I predicted the light quality when we got to the Craftshop and request lady_fox use a particular wheel. Nearly every shot I took - about 400 - were keepers. I had to choose between slight shifts in framing or angle. I uploaded the best of various groups. It's really neat having that happen. I attribute some to a better camera with a VR lens.

But really? I'm just getting really good at this.

Last night was much needed relaxation. Fox and I ordered really terrible pizza with cheese in any crevice that could support it and watch season 2 of 30 Rock. Um.. wow, did the show really hit its stride in season 2. We nearly fell off the couch laughing.

I expect today to be frustrating but not nearly as tumultuous as yesterday was. I lost control at work and emoted far more than I would have liked. Plus, other non-work issues are feeling better today. And I slept really, really well last night.

I dreamed that everyone needed to borrow my shoes because I'm the only person they knew with water-proofing on the soles.

I also dreamed... well. They were hot and I believe one of them will play out tonight, actually.
  • I'm rather liking the regularity erotic dreams I've been having.
  • And I totally dreamed about my internet girlfriend last night. :) Hi nightlikeariver!
  • Neko Case will sing me through the day.
  • One of my team members was an actor before his current TS role. I saw him on Desperate Housewives this weekend. Weird.
  • Do these entries ever end when I think they will initially? Always a list of things with me.
  • Meme stolen from SymbioidCollapse )

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HEY! This is important:
Poll #1351360 Helvetica can got to Helletica.

I ♥ Helvetica:

I don't care.

    My favorite fonts are, in order:
  1. Bell MT
  2. Palatino Linotype
  3. Corbel


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Right now? My two ladies are meeting to like chat and hang out.
I fear for my survival.

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Playing with the new macro lens

A macro lens may or may not have arrived at my doorstep today. I'm not tellin'.
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This one, this one right here. This was my dream, my wish. And it didn't come true.Collapse )
Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter because clearly I hate you all.

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