February 14th, 2009


Remnants of Fall

Remnants of Fall
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I am in a fantastic mood today.

Up early and on my way to have fakebreakfast-in-bed with narcissuskisses currently. This will likely be followed by general relaxing and awesomeness... maybe a walk because it is pretty out.

Then tonight dinner at Liliana's with lady_fox and probably Coraline (3D?). And then more awesomeness and relaxing and what not.

Dude. V-day rocks for the poly guy. :D

Stopped at work briefly to grab something and check the emailz.
This was awfully silly.
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Today didn't turn out quite as desired. The morning was nice but ultimately tainted due to another's influence. I'm miffed right now and wishing I were more forceful about some things, that maybe all involved would be better for it. I've been defferential and curious if that's been the best choice. Not the worst by far as much good has come from it bug I'm setting aside some things that I want for it.

Otherwise this afternoon was lovely. I was gifted some lovely things by two wonderful women. Though they are clearly fattening me up for Spring festivals.

Dinner at Liliana's was so good. Duck. Spanikopita. Wine. And a chatty waiter which I like so I gave him a 38% tip. Fox made special efforts to look especially nice such that I felt under-dressed.

Ultimately, I am a lucky and gratefull man for the people in my life and not nearly as forthcoming about it as I should be.

narcissuskisses? You are dear and wonderful and a beacon to me.
lady_fox? You are my stability and sanity and bolstering wind.

Thank you both. I love you.

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