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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
This one, this one right here. This was my dream, my wish. And it didn't come true.Collapse )
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    PEOPLE: I provide three important facts!
  1. Buffalo Wild Wings (and Weck) has opened their West Side location.
  2. My Friday plans were canceled.
  3. It is FRIDAY.


Let me help you. I will be going to BW3 tonight to eat chicken wings. I will, first, lament the crappiness of Quaker Steak's Atomic Wings and then, second, order some Blazin' wings to rectify the previous lamentation. Then I will drink beer and make faces like this:
I can tell you want in on this action.

Current Location: CHICKEN WINGS
Current Mood: hungry chicken wings
Current Music: The Von Bondies - I Don't Wanna

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Artist: The Von Bondies [MySpace]
Album: Love, Hate and then there's you
Genre: Alt-rock
Release Date: Feb 3rd, 2009

It's alternative, rather prototypical. I appreciate the lead's voice (Jason Stollsteimer) as he skims the line between whiny and warbly rather well through out the album. It feels a little non-committal to either side of the line which could help produce a more distinctive sound. The best example of that is the first track sung with megaphone tinniness that reduces the clarity and nigh-crooning nature of his voice to the detriment of the music. It does, however, have some excellent pep and cadence on the whole and a communicable chorus that sits in your checks filling your lungs with Hot Music Jelly. Overall, Stollsteimer does have some strength though, holding notes for a goodly amount of time, and yelling loudly at times without losing any musicality. That is impressive.

So far, my favorite tracks are the bonus tracks that don't fit so well into the rest of the album's arc, namely the love-hate relationship between various people. The four bonus tracks feel more playful adding some Elton john type piano work and jingling bells - namely the Wake Me Up track - which elevates the song just shy of rock ballad but well above the rest of the album as far as entertainment to listen. Ditto that with the final track - Falling In Love. Stollsteimer channels Bono, who I only wish were dead, and drops firmly into the warble singing quality which makes this song rather fantastic coupled with the harsh electric guitar that permeates the background. The album ends stronger than it starts with this track.

Overall impression - good album albeit generic. Peppy. Poppy - but not the opium brand.
Download Falling In Love
Download This Is Our Perfect Crime

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Current Mood: artistic artistic
Current Music: The Von Bondies - Modern Saints

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Mr. Duende

See? This is how awesome chicken wings are.

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