February 2nd, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Hair of Obafugakum.

    This weekend was thoroughly awesome.
  1. Monopoly with kiwikat and B-rye "Lazy LJ user" McWinner pants.
  2. Many, many biscuits and fantastic rootbeer BBQ sauce.
  4. Zoo date with narcissuskisses.
  5. Adorable pictures of lady_fox with Electra.
  6. Yet more great music, this time courtesy of roguebitch.
      To which I want to say, "Damn, Phoenix, your British Box is Hot!"
  7. Did I mention fresh biscuits? My biscuits are awesome, you guys. Really. Ask around.
  8. Totally ignored the Superbowl.
  9. I was busy, see.
  10. Shut up. Sports are for lamez.

Bill O'Reilly talking about stimulating the nanny state? I say we need more stimulated nannies.

5 hours of sleep last night and I feel fantastic and I've been eating terrible for weeks! Back up to 190 lbs. AWESOME.
<gets more coffee>

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