January 28th, 2009

I died so many years ago.


    I Feel Like
  1. Ugh
  2. Blech
  3. Poop

On the plus, I had alligator and REAL absinthe last night.
And I need a camera bag that will hold two cameras for March. Hmm.. The Bag of Awesome should do fine, actually.

And my MacBook battery may be dead.
That is all.
(hehe. I said poop.)
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Cthulhu Joyce

The World Isn't Here

If I think hard enough, wish long enough, close my eyes tight enough, and hope long enough, everything will disappear. And I'll just fall away into oblivion. It will be just me and my thoughts to reshape the world. Just me and my remembrances, as dark or as light as I choose, to reshape the world. My world. Just my world from this oblivion.