January 27th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

More Frosting, Please

More Frosting, Please
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I have a sugar problem, see. If I don't constantly watch my sugar intake, I start eating sweets every night in mass quantities. This is super bad, especially when the ice cream cravings start. They hit about a week ago and I've been over-indulging pretty much every night since then. No good.

I have realized this week, though, that I am more likely to do so at home than at other places, just like a junky. I get the obsessive mind too with it. Just like a junky. After rehabilitation, junkies are encouraged to leave their old lives behind to avoid those places where they would regularly shoot up. One, because the place would encourage desire for drugs. Two, because after detox, a junkie has lower tolerance, and returning to a place associated with drug use, they are likely to use similar quantities from before and over dose.

So, if you find me with an ice cream cone jammed into my veins one of these days, know that I died from only the best sprinkles.

Also, I'm having lots of erotic dreams these days. I'm only mentioning it because you've likely been in them. And it was totally hot. See you tonight. >:)

alyska samples the cake frosting lady_fox made for her birthday on the 17th. She appreciates it as you can tell.
Random: I figured out why I had to get larger boxers and my pants are fitting funny - I've maxed two of the leg machines at the gym. Can I say how gratifying it is that too much muscle is the problem?

It is delightful.