January 12th, 2009



I learned yesterday that one may check out only 20 CDs at a time!
    New albums added:
  • Super Taranta! - Gogol Bordello
  • Dreamt for Light years in the Belly of a Mountain - Sparklehorse
  • The Singles - Bikini Kill
  • Nu Med - Balkan Beat Box
  • Bone Machine - Tom Waits
  • Drastic Fantastic - KT Kunstall
  • Eye to the Telescope - KT Kunstall
  • darkest Days - Stabbing Westward
  • Fresh Cream - Cream
  • Carencro - Marc Broussard
All of my dreams had soundtracks last night. I remember Tears for Fears' Mad World featured prominently. Definitely going overboard. No.. not going to stop. I have years to catch up on. The rest of you did this sort of thing in high school. I, apparently, am musically ill-developed. (And you can stop snickering at my music choices, you snobs.)

I did, however, spend most of last night listening to gothic americana (this stuff is awesome) music and necking. It was everything high school should have been, right? Making out over music? Not terrible depression and ostracism? I guess I finally got it right!

Now I just need to find a prom date.
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Ok, I know I'll totally catch flack for this but...
Dave Sim to start Cerebus Archives this April which will collect early materials and prequel issues to the Cerebus opus.

Sure, Sim is a misogynistic dick but I enjoyed the series.
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