January 10th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

You no like mah bow?

You no like mah bow?
Well, mah bow don't like you either.
Watching: The Golden Compass.
Doing: Riping music. Mm... Library's ancient CD collection
Anticipating: Hazelnut latte. I pull a damn good shot.
    CDs added to the collection:
  • The Covers Album - Cat Power
  • You Are Free - Cat Power
  • Cake and Pie - Lisa Loeb
  • Cassadaga - Bright Eyes
  • Flowers - Echo and the Bunnymen
Pants: Removed

Huzzah Saturday!
Also: Thinking I may be going overboard with this A Year In Music thing. yay!
Cthulhu Joyce


Originally uploaded by ABMann
I always appreciated the term "vitae" from the Vampire RPG. Secreted
away in the word is magic, something preternatural and living. Alive.
Vitae provided more than sustenance. It is drive. Passion. Distilled
lust. You have to lust for something uninhibitedly if you want to
posses it, subsume it.

And sure. It can be sideways. Have you tried sideways lust? Pretty