January 8th, 2009


Sing me to sleep until the cold is no more.

Immediate problem re: A Year In Music:
  • I want to buy too much music.
  • Oh, and it's fucking cold out so I'm buying from iTunes rather than walking to PrePlayed today.

      Today's albums:
    1. Turquoise and Crimson - VAST
    2. Thought for Food [Flash] - The Books

    Plus: Upgraded my library to entirely DRM free content via new iTunes Plus store promotion (caused by new pricing scheme announced at Macworld) - 30% for the next few days. 137 songs cost less than $20 to upgrade today. Awesome and I need to check the other library at home for the same.

    Lastly, and very importantly:
    Happy Birthday roguebitch!1!!!11!one!
  • Music


    Yep, still like VAST. Feels like cheating to buy an artist I already know I like for this A Year In Music resolution/thingy.
    Maybe that's why I bought some The Books music too.

    Or that's my story now and I'm sticking to it.
    Edit: Shit, this The Books album is fucking cool. It's two artists sitting down jamming on various instruments - guitar, violin, banjo - and overlay samples of various things into a semi-coherent, on-the-cusp-of-ambient/noise music. It's really meaty. When I say "various things" I mean them chatting about body pats, the sound of 2x4s falling on a sidewalk, breaks squealing.

    Wow, it's just really neat!