January 7th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

The end is really fucking nigh.

Along with the rest of LJ, I'm preparing for the end via LJ Archive in the event that SUP implodes or blah blah blah. (Not really)

hellocthulhu pointed out that Lj Archive has neat little plug-ins to analyze you and your LJ.
Regressive Imagery Analysis: how often do I post about various topics or concepts.
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In 2004, I decided to write two poems a day in my LJ for 50 days and learn Photoshop. This began the end for your friend's list by me:

Interesting stuff.
Also: sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex. There, that's probably good for a quarter a percent or so.

Lastly? Coleman suing over race results. I'm not surprised, a little sad, but it is fair as Franken sued already too.
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Cthulhu Joyce


    This meme tells me two things:
  1. I need a better sexy icon.
  2. I need to unify my icons.

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Icon count: 116
Out of?: 195
Would you buy more if you could: Maxed out, baby.
Do your icons have a theme: Not really, but I wish they did.
Fandom most represented: Supernatural.
Second: Lost
Relationship with the most icons: I hate this term "ship"
Are your icons mostly made by others: Nope.
Do you make icons: Yup.
Are they any good: Uh, duh?
Animated icons are: Hard to do well.

Coding can be found here