January 3rd, 2009

Camera - camhead

Studio shoot

Foxy in the Studio
Would you like some cleavage?

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I suspect the studio lighting helped the noise a lot but it's still impressive for 6400 ISO. 6400 on the D90 looks better than 1600 did on my 70s.

Doubling the megapixels probably helps too. Mmm.. density.
camera - viagra

105mm VR lens test.

More playing!

Electra - 105mm VR test
2000 ISO, 5.6f 1/50 shutter, VR on.

This is straight out of the camera, no edits. Excellent sharpness. Decent saturation and vibrancy - though these may be lost from the conversion to .tiff as the photo looks more vibrant in Aperture. There's no way I could have gotten a shot like this without VR let alone one with so little noise at 2000 ISO.

Holy crap, this camera kicks ass.
Edited version.