December 5th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce


Whoops. Left phone at home. guess no one can contact me today. (hooray)

I learned something nice at the gym the other day. I am not, in fact, hopeless. I was able to run for a half hour only stopping once to tie my shoe. I suspect two things helped me accomplish this.
  1. Albuterol. Actually picked up my prescription and have been using it before bed everyday as maintenance rather than rescue. I've had less trouble breathing in the winter air. So, my lung capacity is restoring.
  2. Slower pace. I'd been running at a 9 minute mile pace or so on the treadmill because it's nice to push myself. I hadn't realized how significantly faster 9 minute miles were versus 11 or 10 minute miles. They don't feel faster than how I think I run on the track but they certainly must be. I backed off to between an 11 minute and 10:30 mile.
Quite the difference overall. I'm annoyed I don't seem to be getting faster as quickly as I'd like. Some of that will come with weight loss. I'm down to 188 now, give or take natural fluctuations in weight.

I think I need to try some of the speed interval programs on the more advanced treadmills. Supposedly running faster, shorter bursts helps you get faster more quickly. I'll just have to reign in my impatience.

But, man, knowing I'm not entirely a lost cause makes it feel better to exhaust myself running an 8 minute pace for s long as I can. Which isn't long. I can run about a mile at that pace before my chest falls off.

It's not pretty. Lung juice is hard to clean out of carpet.

Also: I've decided I hate all my icons, especially my default icon.

Also also: Eating 1500 calories a day is nice. My stomach seems to dig it insofar as I pigged out on two slices of pizza last night and didn't feel compelled to eat more. I think it has shrunk and now expects and prefers meals in smaller sizes more frequently.

Mmm... pizza.

(no subject)

These are the sorts of emails I send to the QA division...
"Hello QA,

Phase 1B. Can we get any more “in the middle” on Phase 1B? You know, really revel in the “middleness” of the phase and become one with “the middle.” Not that I’m calling your development “middling.” Far from it! I expect yours is anti-middling, which is of course the essence of awesome. Your development is likely so awesome, I want to distill it and put it on toast - Awesome toast. Tell us how awesome your toast is with a confidence survey!"

I sound like the King of the universe of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy....

Then I get responses like this:

OK, after a million times reading your emails and thinking it, I am finally just going to say it: YOU ARE HILARIOUS.