November 24th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce

all over the place tis morning.

The world must be ending. There's snow on the ground and people were driving carefully this morning. Apocalypse.
Are you sick of people talking about snow yet???

Mirror's Edge is abusing me but I keep going back for more. The game is HARD (and I've got it on "easy") and the controls aren't exactly five finger friendly.

Eh. I haven't done anything interesting recently; at least nothing you care about. Guess I better get addicted to crack again. I have a body composition test at 5 today. That should provide adequate humiliation for an interesting post.

I have no idea how to classify my activity level. I exercise every other day or so. To lose about two pounds a week, does that translate to 2000 or 1500 calorie diet per day? Probably the latter because that's harder and diet and exercise is never easy.

Wearing cuff-links today.

Server code, server code. Playing with the server code (lalala).
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