September 16th, 2008


general session.

Getting to work before six is kinda weird. But I finished few things, which is good.

In 30 minutes, I'm off to the start of UGM. 4 hour discussion. I think our keynote speaker is Steven Levitt - author of Freakonomics.
Should be good times.

And there should be pastry. :)

Allergy testing on Friday requires that I stop taking my antihistamine pill. My eyes hurt.
Cthulhu Joyce

(no subject)

Anyone know where to find the max RAM an Intel Atom processor can handle?

I'm trying to figure how far I can trick out a particular laptop but can figure out if the process could do anything with 2 or more GB of memory. If it's only 1, the upgrade at time of production is the same as if i were to buy separate and do it myself. 2GB would be cheaper for me to do on the side though.

My Google-fu fails me in this instance.
Guess I could just drop 2GB in there and see if it explodes. :)