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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist

Originally uploaded by ABMann
I changed two things about my exercise routine to impressive results:
  1. I exercise first thing in the morning.
  2. I use less weight and more reps.
The former I started last month and the latter about two weeks ago. This Friday I was getting dressed to go out with people and noted that I no longer have visible love handles. I can still see them when shirtless (no, you don't get evidence) but was generally impressed at the short time and visible difference. I credit the change mostly to number one above as, from various readings, exercising i the early increases the percentage of fat your body burns as it doesn't have immediate access to food calories.

So, reason to keep getting up at 5-bloody-a-m, I suppose. It is a tad harder, though, to get on the Evil Fucking Stairmaster or treadmill that early. no issues withe the elliptical as I can cruise pretty well on it - though I have been upping the resistance on the fat burner course. The former two are harder to do and therefore less desirable when I'm only vaguely awake. Still, manged the Evil Fucking Stairmaster today. Next step will be running regularly after I actually get shoes that don't suck. Next month when I can afford the shoe cost.

Spore is way too much fun. As much as I hate the DRM - wow, is it pretty terrible - I figured that I wanted to play it. Either EA would cave and fix the DRM in a patch or they wouldn't; honestly, I don't care that much to wait for them to patch it. I also highly doubt they will change the DRM any way.

I need to find a mouse for the Tribal stage though as the scroll pad on my MBP is not idea. Too much extra control needed for the camera to have to use option-click or the dreaded ctrl+option+click to zoom/pan the camera. As annoying as that is, my biggest gripe is that the game is so much easier early on for carnivores. I started a second race to try it out and it took me half the time to gather twice as many body parts and evolve to a crazy Uber Beast as a carnivore than my herbivore. That seems retarded; though, it may have been faster as an herbivore if I spent more time in a pack. It seemed way harder to charm other creatures as an herbivore than it is to just eat them as a carnivore. Maybe this is reality in America but.. you know, I dig the social welfare. Hopefully herbivores gets some extra boot in later stages that carnivores see early.

Also - using arms sans hands to create both wing appendages and bunny ears is way better than using the same items strait out. The creature creators is incredible. Though you really need to put in the time to create the really interesting creatures. Check out some of the tutorials. Insane possibilities.

In other news, this weekend kicked ass. Many good things with friends and much chilling with Fox. Scary amounts of childthings on Sunday. Sunday evening was especially awesome.

Mrr. Have no new photos to use for tis post. *digs through Flickr*

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