August 28th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce


For you gamers, old school gamers:
Duke Nukem Forever... they actually have "several hours of fairly polished game to play."

That's good. It's only been under development since, what? '97? At this point, if it releases, people will be so dumbfounded that they'll love it simply for the inevitable stripper boobies.

My interests as of late have been so... gamey. I'll get back to the sex and art posts eventually.
Well. Maybe. I likes me some Tiger Woods 09. :)
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This is really, really satisfying. First, a good number of cool shots. Second, reminds me that I can ise a manual camera. :) Getting the right framing on the Zorkii is really hard though.

Larger and you can see alyska, shortcakeness, lady_fox and not_a_girl in the photos.

I forgot how colorful the cross processed fujifilm slide film was too. Gotta get some of that again.