May 31st, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce

I gots no shoes on!

I gots no shoes on!
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Goodness, I feel gross today.

Apparently last night was day three of not sleeping well. Awoke with tense neck and back and a ridiculous headache. Coffee, food, 3 tylenol later and I still feel nauseated. Ug.

I have a photo shoot with medeine tonight that I'm looking forward to. Little nervousness as it's my first "official" photo shoot. Little excited too.

Researching tis morning, I think alyska is right, the "ideal" lens range for portraiture is 85mm to 135mm. Sure, the photographer makes the real difference but I like the proportion the 105 and 135mm lenses offer. Though I PREFER the intimacy the 50mm brings to photos what with needing to get close. Makes you engage your subject.

Unless you're smelly. Then it's just uncomfortable. :)
Now, just to banish this head pain. Ow....

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