May 22nd, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce

I Spy

I Spy
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Listening to NPR this morning, I heard a story about fuel costs (again) but relating to boats. Apparently boat owners are feeling the crunch.

I must admit to not caring about boat owners not being able to "boat" cheaply. Sure, house boat owners are likely the worst hit and that sucks also the tourism industry will likely see less revenue because of it. However, I would like to mention one thing to boat owners: SAILS.

Wind is, in fact, a free and renewable source of locomotion for boats. DUH. If you own a speed boat, you LOSE and I LAUGH at you for not being as cool as Magellan.

I've been blind-sided by a project at work due at the end of the week next week. I knew it was coming but it fell off of my radar. Subsequently, I am sort of screwed next week into, likely, long hours and a very difficult testing effort. I am not upset as I simply forgot about the project and didn't monitor it to ensure it was getting done on time.

So, I need a new system for tracking all of my various projects and those of my team. The initial problem being that it needs to be computer independent but not paper. Yeah, crazy right? i think I can avoid paper since I can log into my computer remotely from any Windows machine in the company - it's just slow - so I can use some tool on my workstation. The obvious problem is I don't know what i need. I need the ability to quickly create projects in a group per person on my team. i need to capture dates. I need to capture updates to it. Oh, wait.. Legal approved my use of Gantt Project. I should try that.

I wonder if it can do project templates? Of the things I need to do, the tend to fall within a few categories, all of which have set things I need to accomplish. hmm.. curious. Or, i just need work to buy me a tablet PC that i use exclusively here. Use that to track projects with MS OneNote. That would be hot, especially with tablet technology being awesome now. I wonder if I could swing it. Mm... multiple laptops.

More from the stacks at Memorial Library. This time I was all sneaky and found a person to shoot. yay spying!

I didn't edit it much, just some minor exposure tweaks - I like really contrasty photos - and the monochrome. I think after the monochrome I shifted the white balance towards blue which lightened the blue channel monochrome I used without lightening the whole picture. Doing it that way, shifting white balance to blue, it first affects the shadows and mid tones before hitting the higlights. And since my monochrome was mostly from the blue channel (which is mostly the highlights anyway) it lightened the whole thing without drastically affecting the overall lightness and contrast.

Nifty, huh? Aperture is pretty awesome.

Addendum: Article about cut cable. More info, poorly written (even for journalistic style, this article sucks), but it's there.