April 29th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce

The Green Photography Experience! Day Two and House rambling

Note to various new readers: I post FREQUENTLY, multiple times a day. Often inane things (like this!). Beware.

Some late poster last night and a few people got a jump on day two! Again, we have increased participation size. Soon I'll need to find a new venue. :)

Day two:
lipsoflove: Mad Hatter
nathan_lounge: Green Food Concoction

Day one:
tandu: Orange is not green...
lady_fox: False Greenery
nyxx_j: "Green" because I'm boring with titles (blah blah blah, ABM didn't look right blah blah blah
slavetopurple: Green around the Gills
nightlikeariver: Kitty!
sasha_feather: Journal
jackshoegazer: In Der Taxi
rianwyn: Library Dragon
jinxedkisses: Socks!
suibhne_geilt: Green Room
natural_path: Bud
madtownmichelle: Tellurian

In me news, we meet with the mortgage broker today to discuss financing. I'm worried that our eyes are way too big for our budget and that we will never be able to afford the house we want to build. But, mortgage payments, interest rates, sacrificial alters - these things are strange mojo and who knows how the numbers will actually fall. It's possible he'll tell us we can get all the house we want AND keep the payments under budget. He could also say that we could barely afford a hovel - but it could be a tricked-out hovel, with natural gravel flooring no less.

I know exactly what I WANT him to say, but he'll have to volunteer that on his own. I guess I'm hopeful but resigned. I don't want to bolster hope to far for fear of major let down. I'm also unwilling to settle for a less-perfect house of the floor plans we chose. I already feel vaguely like I'm settling were we to chose the one story plan we absolutely loved - it has a "plant ledge" which I heard as "cat perch" 10 feet up in a vaulted ceiling living room - which is hardly settling when you're only giving up a second story, something you only vaguely considering important.

So, dies that leave me at ambivalence? Excitement and dread? I fear I'll explode.

But don't worry, if its good news, I'll twitter the shit out of it this evening. (You are following me in twitter, right? Geez. ABMann)
Cthulhu Joyce

The Green Photography Experience! Day two: Sriracha