April 28th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce

Blogging software?

Anyone familiar with MoveableType or other blogging/website software?

I'm thinking about adding to me website and, hopefully, making it FAR EASIER to update my galleries. I know nothing about the field. I dislike WordPress because I can't use their stuff and host at m,y current place, DreamHost.com, so that won't work. So something standalone is ideal.
Cthulhu Joyce

Photo tips

For all you budding and veteran photogs reading me (I think that's like all of you): 9 lighting tips for less lame photography [Digital Photography School].

I fond tis particularly relevant from my wandering around that park yesterday. The scenery was lovely by the over-head, high contrast lighting ruined photos.
Yes. it was the light. Not me. Shush.
Cthulhu Joyce

The Green Photography Experience! Day 1 - Product Placement

Product Placement
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Day one in the The Green Photography Experience!

My running shoes. Today I reached two milestomns, totally unintentionally. 1) I ran about an 8 minute mile, my fastest time ever. 2) I paced 200 strides per minute on the elliptical for about the same amount of time. I think that's about the same pace. So.. two 8 minute miles in the same day? Nutty.

Love the bokeh!!!


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