March 26th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce


Originally uploaded by ABMann
I say "screw you!" to the "focus on the eyes" rule. Nose! Noses are cute too.

  • I should have learned CSS a long time ago.
  • I burned through a fresh charge on my camera battery in three weeks.
  • Fastest ever, usually it took two months.
  • Must remember to pull out my first digital camera to play with again.
  • Must remember to investigate fun things to do in Houston.
  • So far, I plan to go see an oil field...
  • Woo! Top Chef tonight!
  • My employer buys the same coffee now that I do (Alterra Blue Heeler)

I have Zombie Prostitute stuck in my head. The best pun ever, let me show you it.
    Morally, I'm destitute
    In the Tomb of Ill repute
    She's a rotten kind'a cute
    For a Zombie Prostitute.