March 25th, 2008

Cthulhu Joyce

Natt Spil Bathroom

Natt Spil Bathroom
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My good friend Clive isn't sure about his stance on his product. Maybe you could help him out? Here's his email:
    Re: she's coming
    Every girl loves a man who measures up in bed ?
    here's now?
    (link omitted)
    Lindsay getting the ride of her life

What do you think? Does every girl love a man who measures up? Is it simply penis size? Or is Clive really getting at some mental or emotional standard to which a man must aspire in order to get her "here's now."

Clive. Propounding such complex questions with ease....

Feasting on Asphalt is the best food show ever. I'm sorry, but it just is and you will have to accept it. Alton Brown is goofy and excited to try the food and banter with the cooks. He was joking about his dead grandmother owing him money.

I just heard a commercial prefixed to an NPR podcast I'm listening to. it was for a John Adams documentary on the History Channel in the next few weeks. My reaction word-for-word:
"Oh! That would be cool. John Adams was awesome. Wait, did I just think that?"

Yeah. I'm that sort of person now.

I still take pictures of myself in every bathroom I go into (except my own... usually). I don't post many of them because bathroom light tends to be pretty awful. Every once in a while I get something really cool with it.

Cross-processed in Photoshop. It's subtle. Most of the color is from using sunlight white balance against old tungsten bulbs.
Cthulhu Joyce

Photogs + bathrooms = awesome!

Poll #1160199 Shots in the Shitter

I would like to participate in a Week of Bathroom Self-Portraits


March 30th - April 5th is a fine time to hold this photography activity.


I will not be upset if ABM does most of his Shitter Shots from Houston


Who wants to join me and jackshoegazer in for a Self-Portraits in the Shitter Photography Experience
    Here are the rules for interested parties:
  1. All pictures must be made in a different public bathroom for the week.
  2. Posts should include the bathroom you used.

So, first posts next Sunday?
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