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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
I hate that when I hear "lulls" my brain interprets it as "LOLz."
Stupid interbutts. grumble grumble.

Makes for weird audio books though.

Current Mood: amused amused

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So, I realized that I have iWeb 2.0 (iLife 08) on my Mac Mini. I tried to figure a way to install that version on my MBP so I can use this one as the Mac Mini isn't setup to be easily useable as a computer.

No dice on copying iWeb and the associated App Support files. There are apparently other files that I don't know how to find to copy over.

But! With as little Virtual Computer Networking magic, I'm controling the Mini on my MBP right now. Hehehe.

Um.. but anyone know as way to transport that version of iWeb? At the moment, I don't have an easy way to share my aperture library with the Mini so I have to separately move photos to it.
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