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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist

Originally uploaded by ABMann
My wall of certifications. Clicky the picky for notes for each certificate.

So.. another, what? Two inches of snow last night? 4 more for this weekend? Crazy. I'm glad it was snowing. When it snows, that generally means that it will be warm enough that no ice forms on my windows. Too much scraping happening, especially since i use my car every day and lady_fox has the garage this month.

Better snow in January too or I'll have to dump water on her car overnight to make it even! >:)

What in the world am I going to do all week? Fox leaves for Utah tomorrow morning. It's going to be quiet. I'm trying to avoid cleaning for a week.

Maybe I'll cook myself into a beef coma since I can eat cow while she's out.

Who am I kidding? I'll probably eat fast food and watch reality TV all week.

This Saturday I'm going to phlog the sunrise after dropping Fox at MSN, likely go to the Farmer's Market and breakfast at Sunprint cafe. Would anyone like to join me? I'll probably wander around and play in the snow with my camera most of the day. It'll be fun! :)
Better shot of the punk-a-pus:

Also, can someone make me an icon that says "The world is not made of nerf" with a nifty image of either nerf or pointy things? I'd be pleased. :) Go here for the quote - its in the linked video in madisonmasssage's entry.

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Booze and ketchup
Originally uploaded by ABMann
One of these is ketchup and one is a long island ice tea. One I drank
and one I didnt.

You decide!!

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