April 7th, 2007

Cthulhu Joyce

House of Crazy


I finidhed House of Leaves yesterday. This the first book where the denoument annoyed me. I liked the stuff about Karen but the converging story lines of her revelations and Exploration #5 was... Well, frankly entirely straight forward compared to all the previous goings-on.

My last quandaries:
-The blue text and blue light at the end. Linked?
-There was one part in chapter 17(?) where it was written like a traditional book. I can't figure out why just yet.
-Truants last parts bug me as they seem only to exist to cast doubt on the publication history of House of Leaves. This seems far too easy.

Other things:
Party at Graydancer's was weird. 16-year-olds writhing puts me on edge for a number of reasons.

Tandu's ordination was lovely.

and a filled a 2gig flash card with photos of religion and fire.