February 16th, 2007

Cthulhu Joyce

Why they pay me the big bucks....

I need a better way of work I've committed to customers. I'm getting slammed with a series of things due on Tuesday hard enough that I seriously considered working on Sunday. Outlook has a task manager thing but it doesn't offer a good reminder system. Maybe I could add a recurring appointment on my calendar with an ever growing list. That way I could get a daily reminder? Maybe. I need to remember to check the body of the appointment which I already forget to do for similar items. Hmmm.

Granted, that insanity last less than a minute but it was very serious thought insofar as I was working it into my schedule of other normal outside-the-house activities. But still, after another 50 hours week I wanted to come in on a weekend? Yeck. I am so leaving the second class ends today to make up for the crazy. :)

Any thoughts? Outlook is idea as I use it heavily to track much of my workload but I'm happy to consider other things.
A PDA or smart phone is looking like a better and better idea...
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