February 14th, 2007

Cthulhu Joyce


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Some of the fixes my team stayed late to do last night compromised many other things we changed in the same function.

One of the problems with the my visibility in the company is that everyone knows my application so when something happens they don't like, I get all the emails and phone calls.

In other news, I bought myself toe socks after work. Clearly I was delusional and not making rational decision after working 13 hours. I'm surprised to say they weren't TERRIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE as expected.

But I hate not having a heel. Tube socks are the anti-christ.
Cthulhu Joyce

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Of course.. night of the deadline there's a crash in the code in a component no team owns. No one wants to own it and investigate.
So who has to step in? Me. I'm currently coordinating six developers and two QAers on three teams to find this damn bug that none of us made.

We know we didn't do it but we have to prove it on order for the bas code guys to look at it.
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