January 7th, 2007

Cthulhu Joyce


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We ate at the Melting Pot tonight. So full of fondue and stuff. So good.

I tell ya, having visitors, especially ones that like to bake, is really bad on my diet. I haven't been to the gym since Thursday either. I'll need a full hour on the elliptical to feel mentally satiated (adequately punished?) after all this... food.

However, it's good to see Virginia. She cried when we gave her present to her, a laptop. We knew she was wanting one since we switched ourselves. Very nice. I may be dooming myself to tech support though.

Otherwise, I'm studying for another certification test. I didn't do so well last time and needed to retake it. I feel far, far more confident with it after a chance to cool down and do the certification project last week - which I passed. I'm fairly confident I'll pass this time and pass the last test I intend on taking Friday. That means that I'll have a nice bonus before the end of the month and nice sack 'o cash to set up my money market account and start investing. :) Very exciting.

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