January 3rd, 2007

Cthulhu Joyce



  • Cats aren't tolerating new high protein food.
  • They refuse to puke in front of someone so we don't know know which is having the problem.
  • I'm deciding against a 3gig Macbook Pro (boo!) as it saves 575(!) dollars.
  • 1x2g 667 RAM is damn expensive.
  • I remember why I liked getting to work before everyone. It's quiet.
  • Lots of little things to do that don't feel important enough to do doing real work hours.
  • I took Fox's Mom's Xmess present to get framed. Frame guy gave me a 50% discount. 105 instead of 210.
  • It's this picture framed double matted 1/4 in dusty grey and 2 in burned orange to double the roof trim.
  • The frame is a warmer wood than I would have chosen but it works better with the matte overall.
  • Fox's Mom gets in Friday evening.
  • It's probably going to cost about 400 to frame seventyeleventy's paintings which I'm going to do next month.

Yet more photography blogs: http://theonlinephotographer.blogspot.com/

An entry on photographing hands. interesting timing on tis one. I had a problem with this 9still do really) both that I have no idea how to pose models but specifically in this picture (Fox in rope, no nudity). Her left hand was actually clenched such that it curved back into frame;it looked incredibly awkward. I painted it out because it killede the feeling I was trying to emphasize. But for you photographers and artists out there, how do you handle hands? Less specific, how do you interact with a model during a shoot? I feel weird moving body parts but can't describe what I want well enough probably as I don't know what I want.