January 2nd, 2007

Dastardly assfingers

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It was a pretty sunrise today. I think I need to start getting up for it and showering. I feel better and more aware when I shower right away.
One week until Macworld Expo 2007. Which means a week until I buy my Macbook pro. Hopefully the base configuration will get a nice upgrade next Tuesday. :)

I feel good today and good about the next week. I'm refocusing on the certification I pushed aside last month. Maybe I can get the projects and remaining tests finished and passed.

January is going to be interesting. Hello 2007.
Query: Anyone heard anything about Boot Camp? Does it impact the performance of OS X? I'm thinking having a dual boot Macbook will ensure I can do everything I need to do while transitioning to an Apple based life. :)
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Cthulhu Joyce

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Finally going to get my wisdom teeth assessed and subsequently removed.
Assessment: Thursday morning, 10:30.
Removal: TBD.

I'm trying to over come a very irrational fear and loathing of dentists after years of "you don't brush enough" and "floss everyday."
I'm not looking forward to the removal of 4 (very likely) impacted teeth. I'm going to have a watermelon head.
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