December 3rd, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Dark stare

Dark stare
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
This was an interesting photo. To create the black and white I used the channel adjustment tool and set it too 100% red, grayscale. Poe has very light blue eyes, though; having no blue in the gray layer made her eyes completely black. Very creepy but not what I wanted. So, I created a second channel mixer layer at 100% blue channel underneath the first channel mixer. I then painted out the eyes in the mask of the first channel mixer. The result is a great contrast and tone mix in the fur and eyes.

Bears are playing really oddly today.
I should go to the gym but I'm feeling really lazy.
Cthulhu Joyce

C'mon, bears.

This is some sloppy football.
You shouldn't be able to run 10 extra yards (bears) when there are SEVEN vikings players around you. Among other boneheaded plays. Luckily, the SEVEN turnovers have favored the bears, giving them 2 of 3 of their TDs.
That was a pathetic win. It was dumb luck, I think.
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