November 20th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

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I'm at my first management seminar, something TLs are supposed to do regularly as part of our education requirements.
Everyone has a black berry.

Hooray for wireless!
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Cthulhu Joyce

Long Johns

Long Johns
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I am becoming more impetuous with my camera. I wandered behind Greenbush Bakery's counter briefly before the clerk came around and snapped this. When she came out, though, she was happy to let me get more. I should have wandered back there and gotten pictures of her.

If you've not had these donuts, please do. Greenbush is on Regent Street, by all the Budget Bicycles and about two blocks west of The Annex. They start baking around noon so they're ready for the evening and bar crowd. Yeah, they smart.

You're becoming fatter just looking at this.

Thoughts on my seminar today to come later.