October 29th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Tethered for the season.

Tethered for the season.
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I'm going crazy trying to decide what to print for my portfolio. Why is this so hard? I WANT to say it's because I have SO MANY good photos that i couldn't possibly cut them all; rather, I don't think any of them are good enough to become the avatar of my abilities. It all sucks, yo.

That's harsh. Some of it is pretty good. It's just that finding the right group to be my main 'folio is trying. I could easily make my pop-art lomo portfolio and maybe a street and bw 'folio fairly easily - though the latter grouping would be slim currently were I to be as selective about it.


I suppose a question for all of you, as non of you are as close to my photos as I: what single photo would you demand make it into my portfolio? Your reasoning can be as simple as "Pretty!" if you like. I'm not looking for an analytical deconstruction of anything, just the best of the 90 some photos in my Flickr account.

Christ. 90?

In other news, I need a second battery for my camera. It died while I was only half done at Olbrich today. However, it forced me to take a nice walk. To shortcakeness, if you're actually checking LJ still, I got shots of the tree you requested. I did, in fact, climb over the nearby stream rocks to get some nice angles. However, I don't have much hope for them to be really exciting. But it will look nice when all the leaves are gone and there's some snow around.