October 8th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Man in Badgerland

Flick set

Taken on State Street in Madison, wi. A man sitting at Brats reading. He looked vaguely lonely but the lines around him are very strong, lending him a commanding air.

I desaturated all but the red a yellow colors and put on a black and white gradient layer at 75% opacity to give it the melancholy feel. I upped the contrast to help the lines stand out to emphasize the strength.

I rather like this one.
My legs are Jell-o. Too much exercising of them today with bike and gym and various other activities. Bleh. I"m also sweaty and stinky. Hooray!

I'm told that darkskywatcher is in town and is coming by today. I am pleased and looking forward to seeing the giant. It's been a while.

Dinner on Friday with smed and thegma169 was good. They are now big fans of Hubbard Avenue Diner, which you all should be. They also gave me and Iris gift certificates to The Camera Co and Maurices, respectively. I was flabbergasted, completely not expecting it. Fox says it's probably because of the photo shoot, which went really well, but I think it's just because they like us. :)

I FINALLY found my thumb drive. So now I can actually take my photos to be printed. Does anyone out in LJ land have any good ideas where to get a book or related material to create my portfolio? I haven't a clue where to get something like that and all I"ve seen at The Camera Co is photo albums which is not the presentation I want. I'm thinking something with black pages or good mounting material so it will take a matte.

Also - any good resources on how to mount photos? I want to do the matting myself in some cases but have no clue how to do so. I'm sure I"ll need matte board, which I know how to find, paper cutters, exact-o knives but otherwise... eh? New to me.

It's a good day.