September 25th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Photo dead.

Grave flowers
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
I got nothing.

Went phlogging briefly on Saturday night. got nothing really good. This picture was the most interesting but there's plenty wrong I don't like.

I feel like I'm losing my edge. I need to go out again but I have little time this week nor do I know where I want to go.

Starting to feel stressed but I miscounted and have a week more than I had thought until deadline. This is nice but I'm still stressed.

Tomorrow I start Gaelic lessons. Saturday I have a photoshoot with smed and thegman169. It is also Monroe Street festival.

Planning on working from home Wednesday night, maybe Tuesday too. Booo.

Gotta get stuff done today.
Ah! And no coffee! Booo!
Also: Happy birthday ohsochewy!
Cthulhu Joyce

To whom it may concern.

Dear NPR,

Please stop playing rap music. I don't get why a show about SAT vocabulary needs rap music.

PS: That you take away Thistle and Shamrock was bad enough but then give me rap on a Monday? Cold, NPR. Cold.

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