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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
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0) Anyone want to go phlogging tonight? I am footloose and fancy free. Plus, vacation tomorrow.
1) Ireland arrives today.
2) Got eyes checked yesterday. FINALLY bought new frames as well, since the current frames are over 6 years old, chipped, faded and the right temple piece screw is stripped that it pops out once a month. Not good when at gym or on bike, though I haven't dropped the lens yet. I'm worried though... they're angular... metallic green.... I think they may beCollapse )
Pictures to follow acquisition. Then I'll redo this meme. :)

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Broken way
Broken way

ISO 200
exp: 1/160
EV +1/3
Lomography effect created via this tutorial:

1 day in Africa through the eyes of 100 photographers.

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DP Challenge is doing a rope art challenge, open to non members!
<td valign="top"></td><td>Exclusive Open Challenge: Rope
Rules: Basic Editing
Submission: Aug. 16th - Aug. 22nd
Submissions: 9
View Details and Submit</td>

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