August 14th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Woo! chocolate.

I have just been handed chocolate straight from Salzburg. It has Mozart on it... like everything else in Salzburg. :) But it has marzipan inside it which is what Mozart was made of so you know it is good.

Weekend rocked. Deadline Thursday morning. Eye doctor Wednesday afternoon. Cooking for leleth_faery Wednesday though maybe some other day given the eye exam is supposed to take minimum two hours. :|
Darn contact fittings but yay new (maybe) glasses. Need to drag people with me to check frames.

Picture post this afternoon. I was holding out on you guys last night.
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Cthulhu Joyce

The best money blunder ever.


So I just figured out (with lady_fox's help) that, because of the way I paid rent I magically created $500 for myself this month.

When we first moved into Prairie Crest two years ago we got the first month free. However, I still reserved the rent money for the following month's rent from that month's paycheck, to ensure I had the money in the case that the rent check was cashed the same day I gave it to the office. Today I had to set up a direct deposit into our communal account. What this does, essentially, is force me to pay next month's rent with next month's paycheck.

So.. poof. I'm $500 richer because I reserved the rent money for next month from this month's check two years ago but won't be paying the rent with this month's money.
I think. I mean, it seems right mathematically. (Right?)

So yeah. Oops. :)
Almost forgot:

Taken at Farmer's market in July.
Lots of noise in this one, from the ISO 1600; first of those pictures to really show it. It's kinda pretty. Nothing too exciting.
Anyone know what kind of flower that is? This family was carrying quite a few.
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Apparently everyone leaves at 5:30 it got reeeeeeeally quite here. I feel far less guilty about coming in around 7 and leaving around 4 when most everyone else gets in around 9.
Yay late work nights?
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Cthulhu Joyce

Zucchini chips!

On top of the pulled pork, I made some zucchini chips. Whoa the tasty! Ver simple too.

Take a zucchini and a half and slice thin. As thin as you want.
Take one egg and beat it with a tbl spoon of milk.
Put a cup of flour on a plate and add salt, pepper and dill to taste.
Have a half cup of flour, plain on another plate.

Dip zucchini in basic flour. Coat and tap to remove excess.
Dip in egg mixture.
Dip in seasoned flour and coat well.

Set zucchini aside and let crust set for 5 to ten minutes.

Put a little bit of oil in a frying pat. Get it damn hot, a few dozen degrees below the smoke point.
Put in zucchini. Fry til golden on either side, about a minute.

Let cool and enjoy with a little bit of wasabi mayonnaise.
So good.
So so good.