July 24th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce


Yep, it's another Monday. I should really learn to avoid them.

It was, however, a very good weekend. Highlights include:
  • visit from smed and thegman169
    -she's nuts for thinking she's unattractive
  • Capital Brewery Cheers for a Cure Beer/Wine tasting.
    -Cherry wine doesn't have to taste like cough syrup!
  • Very drunk.
  • Excellent debauchery with Fox.
  • Watching The Kingdom with Fox and sculplady.
  • Awesome dinner.
  • Berry cobbler soup. :)

    I'm looking for more interesting things to say but nothing comes to mind. I'm currently a little sex-centered in my thinking from a few things this weekend, some good and some bad. I just don't feel like going into them right now.

    It is so gorgeous outside. I rather like having a window facing some nature (and a cemetery) rather than a parking lot.
  • Cthulhu Joyce


    Good god I hate speaking in front of hundreds of people. At least I had them all laughing for a while in there even when I was telling them all 250 of them, that they needed to do more work.

    Thoughts that I had something planned tonight are plaguing me. Did I have plans with someone tonight that I'm completely forgetting?
    If not I may finally give in and buy a rack and pannier for my bike after the gym. Then maybe ride out to Barriques to hang out and upload pictures.
    I dunno. Don't feel like going home tonight.

    I'm hungry.
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