July 11th, 2006

Can't take the sky from me.


The Nikon makes me happy. My lack of ability with it for the moment is frustrating. Between the 5th and the 8th I took 216 pictures. It seems that many of them did not work out. Blurry, poorly framed or just balls out uninteresting. What's really funny is that of the 100 or so I looked at the best shot, the one with the best color, the most intersecting depth and the best sharpness was a picture of the chandelier at the Cheesecake Factory from the 8th. Odd in that I just snapped two pictures of it. I don't even remember adjusting the settings but it looks good. I'll post that one tonight-ish.

What's sad is that I didn't get much from sculplady's art show. So far one picture of the Rasputin lookin' guy and one shot of graydancer were pretty good. I'll look through the rest later and we'll see. But damn it that I didn't practice more before shooting it. I should have been able to get it working... or get my f numbers straight. I think that's why most of the are under exposed and looking dark and orange. Bah. I want to say the lighting sucked but it didn't. I just was using crappy settings.

You know, I don't think I should be telling you this. :) See, all the other photographers don't tell you that 3% of their pictures DON'T suck. They just sweep in, post something amazing and go on about their business. I'm too open, too honest... not to say that they lying. They are just better at fostering the image I wish to foster. Maybe when I can get a decent exposure more than half the time. Until then I'll just have to ignore the photographers on my flist, the bastards. :)

Also, I'm not quite getting the craft of an image just right. It feels mechanical when I do it less about look and feel. With cropping I usually find the right able and right look but I'd like to be able to get that from the start. I suppose that just comes with time. I suppose even Ansel Adams cropped his pictures to enhance them. Though I think he understood the technical aspects of light, exposure and film better than I do. Eh, I'm getting it.

Speaking of cropping. Holy crap. A RAW image right out of my camera is 6x10 at 300 ppi. That means I can get 12x20 prints with adequate quality in a print. Pretty spiffy but I doubt I'll be printing below 250 ppi.

Other stuff:
  • I weighed myself at the gym. I'm up 4 pounds in two-ish weeks. I'm worried I'm gaining bad weight.
  • Got back on the treadmill yesterday. Jogged a mile at 5mph and 3.5% grade. Barely breathing hard at the end but my legs were hurting.
  • Spent too much damn time cleaning up after people yesterday.
  • Teriyaki + Soy = good salad dressing.
  • I rode to work in the rain today.
  • Moo?

    Wednesday: Any artistic types free? I want to go picture shooting if the weather is nice. Fox is out and I don't know if Aetrix wants to go and I can't tie down another artist I know that would enjoy it.
  • Cthulhu Joyce

    Cheeeeseeeeeee cake.

    Cheesecake Factory Chandelier
    Cheesecake Factory Chandelier

    ISO 500
    1/8 shutter

    It looks kinda like the One Ring.
    Or a UFO.

    Space Elves?

    RE: earlier post. I worry too much about labels and the respect they do or do not bring. Fuck it. It is what it is.