July 10th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Jumping an orthographic gap

Last night A and I at Thai Orchid for our sorti. It is within a short walk of our porch. Supping on many small bits, us two laughing at any partaking of full nosh. Idiots (us if possible? ;)). Don various foods upon my body! And do not skip my dumplings. mm... so many dumplings. Thai Orchid has tasty dumplings. Crap. Now I'm hungry. Damn dumplings....
Mmm... dumplings.

I want my Nikon right now. I wish to find what happy things I took.
Work is in my way. I was thinking last night, is it practical to subsist as a photographic artist? I want to do so, now. I hadn't this wish in my past.
but now, with my Nikon... I don't know. Could I attain that fancy?
Idly imagining, I think.

Today is fun. I am writing without a graphic symbol common to most words. (No, tags and LJ html do not count. I can't control that info simply.)
Can you find what is missing? It is fairly obvious if you look. Try writing for work without it. I am and did so this morning, a mail to all QA admin staff.
It was so odd and so shall it maintain.
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Arghle bargle!

Many Big Bag Things going on at work. I can't say I'm happy. Mostly because I wasn't informed quickly and wouldn't have been informed had I not asked. I dislike that I must force myself into things to help if I can. I'm getting minor internal rumblings over respect in my job but that's just idle grumblings likely surfacing from confidence issues as of late.
Besides, I have a cookie that ensures me things will be brighter in the future.
I'm going to trust him on this. He has chocolate chips.

"No! Don't eat me!"
<numma numma!>
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Cthulhu Joyce

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Evil night together.
Evil night together.

ISO 200
Shutter - 1/100

Anyone know how to pull the camera settings out of a Nikon NEF file? I think they're stored somewhere and I already reformatted the flash disk of course. D'oh.
I win.